Soledad O'Brien: Just Got Hot

I've been watching news anchor Soledad O'Brien for years. Most Americans have probably seen her around somewhere on the cable news circuit. However, thanks to her morning show "Starting Point" on CNN, I just started to realize that she is hot.

Like this: Oh, I am a dirty-wild-animal-when-it-comes-to-sex-look.
Some people make dirty look so clean.

This is when Sandra Bullock will play her in a movie.

Soledad O'Brien is now 45, but who cares? If you are a human being, you've probably had a crush on someone much older.....if not, you're unhealthy and biased. #F*That

Look, it's one of those pics where she's naked.........yes.

Questions for You:

Who/what is the oldest crush you've had?
Do Pony tails signal naughty sex? or was I way off on that one?
And how do I edit that Obama sticker off of her forehead?


  1. Robert Downey Jr. (47 years old)
    I wear ponytails to keep my hair out of my face, so I guess it's an individual basis thing.
    No idea.


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