On Vlogging and Fleur

By total accident, I have discovered the British beauty "vlogger" Fleur de Force. Is she incredible? She's...addicting! It's weird; I swear on any grave that matters I NEVER watch vlogs. Really. But this girl and her dog sidekick (Woof) have sucked me in. Apparently, she is celebrating "Vlogust." Which mean she vlogs errday. That is some tenacity/willpower, right there.

I don't blog everyday... or do I?

Now I have made several vlogs and most of them- save in cases where Liz does the thing where she posts things of me online I'm not entirely comfortable with (haha)- have not seen the light of day. Granted though, I did go on a diatribe about my closet in one...some things are for the best!

Mostly though- Fleur's stuff (she's really likable, too, which doesn't hurt her cause!) is useful because she has beauty tips and whatnot. But I'm really curious as to how/why someone is willing to put their self totally out there- via vlog- and be kind of well-exposed to the general public. And we all know the internet is a hostile playground. Would you vlog on a regular basis? I don't think I could; I'm way too sensitive.

All things (and possible psychological motives aside) she runs one hell of a charming vlog. Check one video out:

I should get an accent.