Nikola Tesla: BADASS

So what is it about TESLA? Why is he suddenly a huge deal again? Because old inventors are really not a big deal these days. At all. The end. 

Well, check out this link to read a little more on the project  (sponsored by the creative geniuses at the Oatmeal). that guarantees Nikola Tesla's place in history for future generations. It is called 

Let's Build a Goddamn Tesla Museum!


And the best part is they've already EXCEEDED their goal, which the New York state government has promised to match. (New York state was the site of his last laboratory). 

So consider making a donation, because Tesla was awesome and he died a broken man, defeated by unfortunate circumstances. Really, the loss of his reputation was a tragedy beyond all means. 

question:  who is your favorite inventor? (mine is Britney Spears). 

p.s. David Bowie played him in the Prestige! Badass!