Andy Murray: Gold Medal in Men's Tennis Singles...Check!

As entertaining as it was yesterday to see that Maria Sharapova took the podium with a silver medal (I forget who got the Gold, someone not important), but today’s Men’s Tennis final between Great Britain’s Andy Murray and Roger Fedasomething might have been more appealing.

There you have it, the British Andy Murray won Gold on Center Court in Wimbledon. After always coming up short, and never earning a major Grand Slam Title and always coming up short in second or third place, Andy Murray now has a Gold Medal in Men’s Singles Tennis. 

He might be exuberant  at times.

But in the end, Andy Murray is an Olympic Champion. This was a very one-sided match, but it was so entertaining to see someone from Great Britain win at Wimbledon. 

Congratulations Andy.

Questions for You:
Will Andy Murray win a Grand Slam?


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