And I just creamed myself!

Oh wow, here's another new No Doubt song emerging. Remember:  Push and Shove comes out next month. You can't make that shit up! 

it features- HEAVILY- Diplo-created Major Lazer- in the mix. And it's sort of...dubstep cum reggae. Whatever...I mean I like it a lot because every No Doubt song is like candy to me. This album sounds like it's going to be pure fun, and as amazing as 2012 has been in terms of music (because the world is ending and all, musicians must feel compelled) everything has been so heavy and kind of rueful. Thus!  No Doubt, WELCOME BACK. 

p.s. why Ryan Seacrest, WHY


  1. I know I didn't add much here, I'm just going to enjoy this song for what it's no Bob Dylan, y'know.


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