On Vlogging and Fleur

"The Blower's Daughter"- Damien Rice

And I just creamed myself!

"Chained"- the Xx

Watching the...Détective?

Has Bat for Lashes always had short hair?

"You Need Me, I Don't Need You"- Ed Sheeran

Just like Lafayette, this True Blood recap did not see that coming.

Nikola Tesla: BADASS


"My Love is Real"- Divine Fits

Just how awful was tonight's America's Next Top Model premiere?

Paul Ryan: Cheated on His Wife!

"The Light"- Cloud Seeding ft. Nadine Carina

Latest Poll: Zero Percent of Black People Support Mitt Romney!

Zooey has a new man!

Since when did this True Blood recap become a halfway house for baby vamps?

Trailer Warz: Little White Lies

THANK YOU (belated!)

Flunking out with the UC!

Soledad O'Brien: Just Got Hot

Extenze: Now Making Energy Shots

New Satellite Stories!

Julian Assange: Granted Asylum in Ecudaor

Quick "Useful" : Walgreens Offers Free HIV Testing