Happy Fourth of July: What will happen next?

Hello, and how are you?
Are you fine? Are you fine thanks?

 Wait, why am I writing like that? I am not some kind alien foreigner. I am an American, and this is the day we celebrate American Independence. Things have changed so much since last year. I remember I spent the last fourth of july, eating hot dogs, sitting in a MacDonalds in Alaska listening to war music, and stalking a Vietnamese girl on the internet for about six or seven hours.
That one was the best ever:
I think I even wrote to Brittany Kemp and said “Hey, I found me a Vietnamese woman, and she’s hot as fried rice. Guess who’s getting their sticks chopped toniyeet??!?!?!?”

Yeah, like this...except in bed.

Or something like that.
However, all restraining orders aside, I hope everyone celebrates a big Fourth of July with lots of fireworks, hot dogs, and national concerts. It is crazy how fast the world is changing. It seems that every 12 months, time moves faster and life is completely different.

Questions for You:
Where in the world will you be next Fourth of July?


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