Happy 5th of July!

Happy 5th of July. Look here and you will almost get to see boobs on an Indian model pretending to be an Arab. I hope everyone's fourth of July went well. For me there was a murder in my fireworks park, so it was all cancelled. I was shocked, considering I don't live anywhere near Harlem. However, the fireworks were postponed until today.

Today is the Algerian independence day, and no I am not making some sick joke, this is actually Algerian Independence Day, so our fireworks have been rescheduled, and my neighborhood will celebrate Algerian Independence day.

Questions for You:
How was your 4th of July?
Have you ever had a murder in your neighborhood?
And what do you think of Arab people? Seriously, be honest this time!

Happy Algerian Independence Day.

Being Algerian American rules.

-Nader Boulberhane