Carnivor: The World’s Most Powerful Drink Review

Oh My Gosh, it’s really big, really thick, and really hard. 

Shut up you perverts, I am talking about the protein energy drink, Carnivor…not spelled Carnivore. They drop the E because the E is for Energy, and their Energy is already inside you. 

This one hosts the claim of having the %350 more concentrated protein than pure steak. It offers 50 grams of the strong stuff, and the first sip is intense. 

No joke when saying it’s thick. The first taste of Carnivor is like tasting water and chalk, and you have that moment where you stare at the can and ask yourself “What flavor is this again?” “Fruit Punch?”  “That’s some chalky-ass fruit punch!”

Don’t get me wrong, the taste is not awful. After the first sip, it becomes rather palatable. It’s just very strong and surprises you with the intensity…(shut up again you perverts)!
Carnivor’s drink is more like Five Hour Energy Shots than red bull. It does not contain carbonation, and it is focused on protein and intensity, rather than energy. However, its can is much harder than red bull, so Fuck You RB!

*7.5/10 Stars*

I would drink more of this.
Carnivor has a wide range of products, shakes, and drinks, available in overpriced stores near you.


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