#9 on the Pop Culture Countdown of Moments That Were/Are of No Significance To You- Anne Hathaway Meets Scissors

I decided to make #9, always an unfairly undervalued and underrated number, a little bit of a curveball. As in something more recent, which I actually blogged about in the past (imagine that.) I present to you-


allegedly the actress was "inconsolable" when she chopped-chopped for her role in Les Miserables. Oh Anne, you still look cute. No worries, bb.

Still though! The amount of press this haircut got was absurd! You would have thought the Berlin Wall was on top of her head and Reagan had said "Anne Hathaway, TEAR DOWN THAT HAIR."

However, that being said, I still have to say I prefer Anne with her hair long and wavy. She's quite a knockout: 

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Oh Anne! Hope your hair grows back soon! XOXOXO