10 Ways to Survive the East Coast Power Outage

Here on the Eastern Seaboard of USA, many homes are still in the dark with no power after Friday's storm. As many as 3 million residents, including me, are approaching 48 hours without any form of electricity and are forced to blog from a Burger King.

1st World Problems are so Intense :P

However, to cope with the boredom and lack of electrical connectivity, I have devised a 10 step plan.

1. Masturbation
2. Masturbation
3. Masturbation
4. Masturbation
5 Masturbation
6. Chicken Sandwich
7. Masturbation
8. Masturbation
9. Masturbation
10. Masturbation.

I think we'll live :P

Questions for You:
Did you lose power too?