Your Favorite Kristen Wiig skit!

I have to say, if I had to pick my ALL-TIME favorite Kristen Wiig character, it'd be Target Lady.

<- Observe. Real Target Cashiers are never like this.

No, they are usually hipstery types or bros or old people that take too long when they handle the money.

Kristin Wiig quotes from Saturday Night Live:

"I'm gonna whip that fake-ass weave off your head! Here comes midnight bitch!"- from the Disney Princesses skit featuring Lindsay Lohan

and lest we forget, potentially the greatest Kristen Wiig-centric skit of ALL TIME. She steals the thunder from Christopher Walken and THAT says something. Let me just preface this skit with saying everytime  I say OH MY GAWD I hear OH MY GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWD in my head:

question:  your favorite Kristen Wiig skit? 


  1. My favourite is the one she did with Michael Phelps and they played the weird kids. I can never find a link to the video though because NBC thinks it's too good for England.

    Also the Lawrence Welk skits:


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