And another interview...with a Czech/Finnish Singer!

Lucie Niemela found me; I did not find her. She was on my page one day. And I was like cool! Some person from Finland! Which isn't Scandinavia.

Sometimes singers and bands harass me on and they kind of suck. For example, I've had a few requests from bands/singers I think are terrible and I don't know how to gently dance around the subject that if I post something about them, it's just going to be me being like "wah wah wah 'Call Me Maybe' is like 'Purple Rain' compared to this!" But Lucie's pretty good- and in a week where I want to post about nothing that isn't Fiona Apple-related, this post will be an exception to that golden rule.

She's a very amicable presence and her music is quite relaxing. And her answers were prompt! Kudos, Lucie. Here's a little insight into her inspiring Czech-Finnish psyche:

UC:  What are up to right at the moment?
Lucie:  I’m busy with my concerts in June. Then I will have a short holiday and then I will start writing and arranging new material for my second album that I plan to record next year. I’ve been writing in Finnish lately so I might prepare another album in Finnish language only :)

UC: How did you end up in Finland? What has it been like for you in Finland?
Lucie:  I decided to learn Finnish when I was fifteen. That happened after I heard the ski jumper Janne Ahonen on tv say “hyvää huomenta” (=good morning). I won a grant to go to a Finnish language course in Jyväskylä in 2001, that was my lucky year that changed everything. Since then I kept coming back to Finland, then I met a Finnish guy and fell in love… I moved to Finland permanently in 2004. Living here has been great although I admit it’s difficult to deal with the long winters and it also took me some time to adjust to Finnish culture. I come from quite collectivist culture where people help each other and solve other people’s problems almost a little too much. Finnish people are quite independent and self-reliant. That’s why I felt isolated sometimes, especially in the beginning but living here has taught me I can make it on my own.

UC:  How does your Czech heritage influence your music?
Lucie:  It doesn’t show that much in the music or melodies but it shows in texts. I was raised to be aware of problems in relationships and to feel empathy for others. I guess my Czech heritage lives in the fact that I always write a song for someone.

UC:  You are currently trying to play the Flow Festival. How has that been going for you?
Lucie:  Not very well, I’m afraid :) I’m not going to make it this year.

UC:  What made you get into music initially? Where do you hope it takes you?
Lucie:  I started composing when I was eleven and I played and sang every day but just for myself. I put over 150 of my songs into a drawer. Then I came to Finland and met amazing musicians. I even studied at a conservatory for one year but then I quit and didn’t write any songs for two years because I thought I was not good enough. I chose the easier way of getting an academic job.

Fortunately step by step I found the courage and started performing here and there again. Then in late 2010 it suddenly hit me: my music was good enough, I had a lot to say and I was meant to do this. I recorded a demo and sent it out to Finland and Germany and six months later I was in the studio! The result is now in my hands, on the internet, on the radio… So basically the journey to music happened once I arranged in my head who I really was.

Where will it take me? I just hope to play as many concerts as possible, interact with people, share stories and emotions with them. Music is about communication and connecting and I love it.

UC:  I hear you're very popular on the Finnish concert circuit. Is that true? Because I've not yet been to Finland and would not know!
Lucie:  I’m not dramatically popular (....yet:))) but my songs have been aired on Finnish radios and I have played all over Finland. My fanbase is growing and I can’t wait to announce my autumn tour.

CHECK HER OUT. she's worth your time! 


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