Most Stylish Football Managers!

Joachim Löw

By Guest Writer: Daryl Cox
Löw is Germany's manager and is usually directing play from the sidelines in a suit and sometimes a scarf. I think he looks more dapper without the scarf.
I reckon he must have them pressed before each game as they're always crisp.

Cesare Prandelli
Cesare Prandelli manages Italy. Look at that suit and slicked back hair!
 The team badge on his breast pocket is a nice touch too.

Laurent Blanc

Laurent Blanc is France’s manager. I like his smart/casual style with his top buttons open and what appears to be a coffee stirrer in his mouth.

Roy Hodgson

England’s new manager has an old wisdom look about him. Hopefully that wisdom will help the England team do better in the Euro 2012 tournament.

   My favourite stylish manager is Joachim Löw. I think I probably have a man crush on him. Do you know a more stylish football manager? TELL ME SO I CAN FANTASIZE.