Kim Kardashian: As the Spokesperson for Midori

Cocktails from Kim Kardashian Heh!
So Suck My ShamWow Cock, E! News online is now littered, and yes littered, with clippings of Kim Kardashian and her role as the spokesperson for Midori. No shit, it's legit. Their website was so Green it look like St. Patrick's Day, or just any day at a Green Brothel.

I don’t really know what Midori is, and I’ve never tasted it, but I will say with certainty that the message they are sending their customers is that *if you buy the Kim Kardashian-endorsed product, you will turn into a bloated buttfucked whore*. 

I know it's hard to see, but yes, she is scratching her butt.

Questions for You:
Who wants to go out and buy some Midori?
I wonder if they’ll pay The UC for some Free Advertising.  


  1. Midori is a melon-flavoured liqueur originally made in Japan (now in Mexico) and is called such because the word itself means "green" in Japanese.

    Maybe they chose Kim for her "melons" or her selling of anything to stay in the green.

    1. yeah, it might have something to do with the melons.
      not all women have melons in their butt.


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