Further Proof 2012 Is Great For Music

2012 might be the next 2009 in terms of great music.

So far we got:

- Beach House
- Rufus Wainwright
- Ramona Falls
- Hot Chip
- Metric
- Fiona Apple
- No Doubt
- Garbage
- Jens Lekman
- Little Boots
- Calvin Harris

so what could make this all POSSIBLY better?


Apparently she's releasing THREE EPs this year. That's right:  she's pulling a Robyn.

This new song- "The Night Within"- is off the soundtrack to the art film with the SAME title. Annie, for the record, appears in it. Must see? YES.


  1. I'm definitely listening to Hot Chip, actually I just put their new stuff on. Will listen to metric then...usually a bit too rough for casual listening, but I`ve always found at least a few gems on their album before. I've been missing a Rufus Wainwright album like 2001's glorious "Poses". Fiona Apple is a must listen, although I was never a huge fan or listen to her a lot...I feel it's just something you have to listen to at least once. Beach House seemed interesting enough and I listened to them a week or se when they were being hyped last summer. I doubt Calvin Harris that fucking cunt will ever release a good album again. I liked Little Boots, she's terribly cute and I hope she keeps growing. As far as No Doubt and Garbage go, will listen, not expecting much.


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