Top 10 Hottest Celeb Tattoos: #2 Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes "Memorial"

Top 10 Hottest Celeb Tattoos: #2 Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes "Memorial"

Yes, indeed. Lisa Lopes appears on the UC again in only a matter of days. I don't know how Brittany and I both connected the same brain waves, but no matter what, she's is the #2 spot on the Hottest Celeb Tattoos countdown for "Patton's" Cross and Heart.

It is an emotional and tragic ink piece, and just the symbol of it reveals the sadness. Furthermore, it is furthered into tragedy because of Left Eye is now no longer with us either.

The Memorial tattoo is of course one of both personal value, and also a major way to show respect for someone you love. It is just a reminder for both you and all the world that the one you love is not so far away after all. 

Questions for You:
Who will be #1? 


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