Mila Kunis: Stalker Arrested and Released Again

To start: The UC readers are awesome. I love you all.

To Continue: Mila Kunis Still Has a  LoveStalker
The Mila Kunis stalker is at it again. Someone is once again tracking down the Russian Speaking actress that has been one of the few people to have an entire week long celebration here at The UC.

Furthermore,  the "Mila Kunis Stalker" is an individual that has been tracking down the actress and breaking into her home, as well as following her from place to place. Lastly, the stalker has also been released from custody, so the News from United Arab Emirates reports. 

I need better gossip :P
Dubai doesn't give the Details. 

Question for You:
Who is the Mila Kunis stalker?
Brittany Kemp?
Wilmer Valderama?
Or that jerk that brings the news from the United Arab Emirates?


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