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For the record, you should be seeing a blender down here.

edit:  never mind. do you want to see Dark Shadows? Because I can't make up my mind about it. Part of it looks gleefully campy; the other part...just kind of dense. Watch and decide and ask yourself if this is some perversion to the Edward Scissorhands legacy:

I mean, I know humor. Schindler's List, Airplane!- these names all come to mind. Anyway, rather see the Avengers. Have YOU seen it? oh shut up everyone else in the universe has.


  1. my mother wants to see Dark Shadows. she saw the trailer and was like "OMG MIRA LET'S GO SEE THIS MOVIE IT'S HILARIOUS"

  2. my mom wants to see it too!!!! given though she was a fan of the show way back when. BUT STILL WEIRD


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