Is a Bridesmaids sequel really a good idea?

 Sequels traditionally are such mixed bags, and I don't know about you guyz out there in the peanut gallery, but Bridesmaids is easily one of my favorite films of recent memory. So earnestly hilarious, from start to finish. And sequels seem to be the realm of shitty, cheese-tastic action films. Or comedies without quite as much heart or talent. So I have a lot of....uh, ambivalent feelings. 

Last I heard, Kristen Wiig was still in talks for a sequel. What do you think?

I'd totally steal fitness classes too, for the record. And also, Ellie Kemper is the cutest thing in the world.


  1. I would watch it. I'm sure it could be funny, but can't say 100%.

  2. I'm not sure it's a good idea. Writers/directors/actors always run the risk of trying to 'better' the first film in the franchise and they usually make a debacle of a sequel. I'm thinking Hangover 2, the Friday series (the Chris Tucker movies) or the Rush Hour series. Sounds like I'm picking on Chris Tucker there, though I actually like him.

    Also, Ellie Kemper is super cute. Brilliant in The Office.

  3. she's the best part about the Office now. and also, the Hangover 2 I was told was the same as the first one. :/

  4. As long as director Paul Feig returns and isn't just cashing in on the success of the original--and Wiig and Annie Mumolo script it--maybe lightning can strike twice? I'll totally shit in a sink if it's a success!!!

    1. wow, that was badass wording. ;)
      I hope you get to shit in a sink.


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