Two defining reasons to watch The Avengers

My reaction?

Now, a few quick notes:
• This is the third time the two have worked together, following The Perfect Score (2004) and The Nanny Diaries (2007), a film I really, really, really love!
• Scarlett's character is Russian, 'nuff said.
• There was this insanely hot dude from college a few years ago who was, like, a cross between Chris Evans and Mike Vogel. I mean, I know, right? Except that I made a complete ass of myself when I came up to talk to him. It's okay, I'll live.
• There would be a third reason if Edward Norton were to reprise his role as Hulk, but instead, he was replaced by Mark Ruffalo. FO' REAL??! THIS IS ASS!!
• Chris Hemsworth is in it too, although I much prefer his brother Liam (yes, the one from, ugh, The Hunger Games, but that wouldn't stop me from doing him anyway).
• Scarlett does not approve of the "ScarJo" nickname that has been commonly used to refer to her. She is not Jennifer Lopez, you guys.

I'm so going to jizz in my pants watch it. Will you? ;)


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