Top 10 Hottest Celeb Tattoos: #10 Penelope Cruz "883"

Top 10 Hottest Celeb Tattoos: #10 Penelope Cruz

Penelope Cruz kicks off the countdown in the most mysterious kind of way. She earns her spot here for her small miniature “883” tattoo located on her right leg. It might come across as simple and miniscule, but this tiny tattoo generated an obsession over the internet as the world tried to unravel the meaning of the three numbers, “883.”

Penelope was sent thousands of theories to try and define her tattoo, such as someone’s birthday, a lucky number, or even the number of a Harley Davidson, yet she dismissed all of them, and for a brief moment left the world in a state of mystery.

Tattoo Meaning:
 There is nothing hotter than the mysterious and getting close to the unknown; however, of course Penelope Cruz only scores the 10th spot because she went ahead and revealed the meaning. 8 and 3 are her lucky numbers from Numerology. She then wanted to keep extra luck always right beside her. 8 8 3.

Mystery = Killed.

Questions for You:
Were all the people that guessed lucky number…actually right?
And was this the world’s simplest form of code breaking?

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  1. yes

    Numerology, really??!? She's lucky I love seeing interviews with both her and Salma Hayek because their accents are awesome and get thicker around each other.


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