Titanic: The One Boob Movie

Earlier in the week, it was stated that "Titanic" still stands as the best film where you only get to see one boob.


If you could change history, which film would you want to see one boob in?

My List

1. Annie Hall
2. Hellraiser
3. Leighton Meester in "Monte Carlo."
4. Brokeback Mountain (Seriously)
5. Pirates of the Caribbean...Just Because
6. Max Payne
7. High School Musical 3: The Legal One
8. Most Reese Whitherspoon Films
9. Cirque du Soleil on DVD
10 and "War and Peace."

Fu*k Yes.

Were there "Boobs" Hellraiser?


  1. I recently turned Cirque de Soleil into Cirque de So-gay to harass a male friend that went to see it.

    I'd like to see one of Kiera Knightley's boobs in Pirates... and her whole naked body in my bedroom.


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