Nixed sequels to Titanic

The Hindenburg - Jack's twin brother, Zack, meets up with the aged Rose on the blimp. Somehow Rose is in Germany:  perhaps doing pre-WWII work for the CIA? They make love and the blimp explodes, as it does. Zack goes up in flames; Rose dives into the ocean and drowns (as you do). 

The Lusitania- Perhaps more adept, since it was the actual Titanic's sister ship. Rose is on this ship too; so is Billy Zane. GERMANS ATTACK. Billy Zane redeems himself ultimately by attempting an epic save of the ship. Rose dies, only because she is on the toilet the whole time. 

Earhart- Last minute, Rose, who has become an aviator, is called to replace Amelia Earhart on her ill-fated voyage. She does so....ONLY TO BE MEANT WITH IMMINENT DISASTER. 

Revolutionary Road- wait. this happened.

question:  any thoughts?

statement:  when I saw Titanic as a kid, I was aware of sensations I had never felt before.