Happy Forthcoming Tax Day: Pamela Anderson

Hello, Good Morning and Tax Day is approaching. This year falls on April 17th. Will you spend your early hours googling "Tim Geitner Jokes?" I sure won't (wink).
This is probably the worst day of the year for all of the cosmos.

To make us all feel better about ourselves:
Take a Look at some of the celebrities out there that are having a worse tax day than you are.

Lionel Richie:
Owes the Government $1.1 Million

Joe Francis: Founder of "Girls Gone Wild"
Owes $794,000.00

Pamela Anderson:
Owes some Huge Amount of Money just around $500,000

James Toney: The Boxer I watched once when I was 5.
Owes $354,000.00

500 California Celebs owe a total of $233 Million in Unpaid taxes.

Source: AP

Are you glad you are not them?


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