The funniest thing all week! MADONNA VS. DEADMAU

Deadmau 5 (aka "Mousehead" as I affectionately know him as) has picked ill words against QUEEN OF POP AND LIFE, Madonna. But in his defense- and I don't even like him that much because he unleashed Skrillex on the world- she was talking about the drug "Molly."

Last night, I was in a restroom, and a group of girls were discussing taking Molly and how fun it is to wander around Tempe on Molly. great stuff.

Anyway, it was all went down via Twitter and Tumblr, but I think Madonna's response- AND SAY WHAT YOU WILL ABOUT HER NEW ALBUM I APPROACH IT WITH AN OPEN MIND- was classic. And the whole thing was silly, but HILARIOUS. 

The day she starts approaching Justin Bieber...I walk away.

statement:  I don't know what Molly is.