Follow-up to that Rufus review....

Al is sick at the moment, so I'm trying to update enough to make up for this. Feel better Al!

Anyway, proof to my Rashida Jones theory:

Accordingly, he offers a coy shrug when asked if the gloriously bitchy rock track Rashida is about Ronson’s former fiancĂ©e, Parks and Recreation actress Rashida Jones. 


But Rashida Jones is like the most perfect woman, ever. Why:

1.) She went to Harvard.
2.) She wrote a comic book.
3.) She's funny.
4.) She's BEAUTIFUL.
5.) She was friends with Tupac.
6.) She can sing.
7.) She was in a Boy Least Likely To Video.
8.) Her dad is Quincy Jones!!!
9.) She does some rad philanthropic work.

Rashida, can I take you to Starbucks sometimes? Please? XOXOXOXOX 


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