First Post from Africa (Again)

Hello Salut,

What's new outside of the third world?
I am now in Africa, and it might be in the far north of Africa, but that is still Africa.

So far the Third World is cool, and each time I venture into this land of the dark ( I mean mysterious dark you racist bastards) I learn more of planet Earth.

1. Don't drink tea before dinner.
2. The Jonas Brothers are like So Popular Here.
3. Leopard belongs on clothes...not on the morbidly obese.
4. How are there so many morbidly obese people in Africa?
5. I think I saw Van Helsing.
6. People think dogs are an inferior form of life.
7. People think Kesha is an inferior form of life.
8. For 7,6, and 4 people should be shot or cut up.
9. I have not see one single machete.
10. I have HIV. (Hungry and Imagining Vagina)

What is your favorite country in Africa?
In my mind I see my next venture to Ouagadougou.


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