A Country Music Lesson for Taylor Swift

Known as the Father of Country Music, Jimmie Rodgers may not have heard the term in his lifetime. In 1934, there was really no distinction between blues, country and folk, much less country and roll and roll. In 1934, Jimmie Rodgers was already dead. Take the spirit of the genre from its father, a man who actually hopped trains and roused rabble in his short 35 years.

Alternatively, hear the style done well by the ever-righteous Louvin Brothers, as in this cut from 1958.

Or consider, also, the first of three Hanks. Though, I'm sure, Taylor, you're somewhat familiar.

Or for some contemporary nostalgia, consider Dale Watson's Sun worship album from 2011.

I'm not feeling wordy, but I like to share music.



  1. and I love the River of Jordan, thanks for posting.

  2. That Louvin Brothers song is from the album "Satan is Real" and it's worth every penny. The Hank Williams, I bought only a collection.

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