Do you remember how INESCAPABLE this song was when it came out? like, you could hide under your floorboards, but no matter! it was comin' for ya. CELINE DION, of all people. question:  when has an AC song been so popular since? Like, when Michael Buble's "Everybody" came out? Or anything touched remotely by Josh Groban? But really:  come on now. Celine, in 1997 and 1998, was a rare titan that could have only been produced in the heroin-lined days of the '90s.

But yeah, back to my main point:  Celine Dion. Where is she now, that the Titanic has submerged under icy ocean waters?


Well! Las Vegas, where she seems to be stuck for eternity, screaming "BECAUSE I'M YOUR LADYYYYYYYYYYY" at unsuspecting bystanders until her vocal chords fall out. Power to you, sister. 

She has kids and is still married to one very old man.

Question:  Favorite Celine song? A BRAND, NEW, DAYYYYYYYYYY