Beyonce: Voted Most Beautiful by People

Beyonce is not one to go long without another enormous award or accomplishment lined up in her case. Perhaps, she could earn another grammy, or perhaps she could get another endorsement from Kanye West, claiming that she did something else at the best-of-all-time-something-something. Well, that is close to her recent catch as People's Most Beautiful Person.

When it comes to Beyonce, I have a total 50/50 feeling. Some days, I am in complete awe, and I get just a little touch of that jaw drop feeling. Other days, it's more like

"why are you wearing those tacky heels you dumb bitch, you can afford better shoes?"

However, garnering the title of most beautiful person (in existence) is awesome. So Congrats Beyonce, even though I probably would have given the award to someone like that woman, Melissa Lee who gives the Financial News. Squawk!

Questions for You:
Are you surprised Beyonce was named People's Most Beautiful?
Who is the most beautiful person in your world?
Do you still hate Kanye West? Or Was that a 2009 trend?


  1. She is gorgeous but missing some critical element. I'm bored by her.


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