St. Patrick's Day Songs: #4 The Humors of Scariff

Back in 2009, I was rather obsessed with the group "Orthodox Celts," the famed Celtic band from Belgrade, Serbia. They first appeared on The UC in this choppy article I wrote almost two years ago. CLICK HERE

Orthodox Celts put out a rendition of this song, which I also learned in 2009. Thanks to these guys. CLICK HERE for THESE GUYS. During the end of my failed tenure as a music student, I attempted to learn "The Humors of Scariff," and I gained a new respect. I admit it is much more difficult to play than it sounds.

In response to a comment about me chilling out:
"I have chilled out. Read the shit in my links, and you'll read someone who needs to chill out."

What is your best memory of 2009?