A Poem For Meryl Streep

I was on the bus Thursday and wrote this for her, because the bus out here takes for-fucking-ever. Take note:

What Meryl Streep Sees
what Meryl Streep sees
when she looks in the mirror
to me, it must be like
when I take a big dump
and I watch it for a few hours
and then I get bored
because I'm like "that looks like the dude from Rushmore"
what Meryl Streep sees
when she gets another Oscar nod
she goes to seafood restaurants
nicer than Red Lobser
which is all I can afford
not even that I mean Long John Silver's
those dough ball things
what are they called?
she orders cod
does not eat fish
until she can't see anymore
she then would think to herself 
"I'm Meryl Streep"
thus, she must never be bored.

yeah it kind of sucks, but what's she doing with Miss Piggy, in that picture?