Mini Movie Reviews, In Earnest And 60 Seconds, From ALL OVER THE PLACE

The Artist- Was it a good movie? Yes! Does it live up to the hype? Well, it's like Barack Obama's presidency, that way. Or, even better, Desperate Housewives. Never understood that show. A-

Jack and Jill- arguably THE WORSE FILM EVER. Adam Sandler is like denim overalls that can act. a movie not worth seeing, acknowledging or, whatever. Z, if that's possible

Chloe- only watchable to see Julianne Moore and Amanda Seyfried get it on. otherwise, pretty tragic. and not in the way it was intended to be. Um, unless you like Toronto and girl on girl action, skip. C

Flatliners- seriously, what the hell was this film even about. oh:  this film was about WHY THE DVD WAS INVENTED.  C- 

Julia Roberts:  how I loathe you.



  1. I got excited, mistakenly thinking that you were going to review Ernest movies.

  2. Haha they both have their problems, but I like both Chloe and Flatliners :(

  3. And FLATLINERS was about healing and forgiveness and Julia Roberts getttttting serious!


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