London School of Economics: A Lawsuit for Male Sexism?

The date is almost here.
Tom Martin of the UK will head to court on March 13th of this year in a legal suit against the London School of Economic’s Gender Institute, accusing the LSE for teaching Sexism against the male identity.

Does discrimination against men exist? Why or why not?

I would only ask that you watch his intro video before responding, for Tom poses some rather interesting statistics and new takes on history.

Overall, a well-presented video.

If you want to see the sources referenced in the video, you can visit the youtube page, which lists them. Click HERE

And for more reading: you can visit the website HERE.

All I can say is, you are free to decide.


  1. sexism against dudes is totally a reality. I say this as a feminist. it exists. it's as real as racism against white people and straight-phobia or whatever you want to call it.

  2. right, it is especially serious when it comes to issues such as how people view sexual abuse and rape toward men and esp young boys.


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