JK Rowling: The Latest News on Her New Book

With each day we come closer and closer to another novel from J.K Rowling, a woman that I completely adore. I hope when I say adore, you understand that I don’t mean as a stalker. I mean it as a future lover.

(Creepy Scale: 1 to 10…rate me in the comments).

It takes one look at the headline from the NY Times headline “Rowling Returns With a New Book, This Time for Adults.”


Fantasy Writer tackling Adult Novelism!

I am ecstatic. Each day brings us closer and closer to the next book, and based on that line, it sounds like it’ll be magical erotica.


Would you read magical erotica?
Not like Centaurs on Unicorns because those are like animals, but more like Vampires and Fairies (oh wait, sorry Sookie). I mean, more like “demons and wizards.” I mean, more like human beings and sex…dammit I’m out of words. Meh, she writes the shit, not me.