Irish Party Music: Paddy Carty's/The Beauty Spot

As we get closer to St. Patrick’s Day, we have many more gems and emeralds to spread around. This particular one is a Useless Critic upload, available on TheUselessCritic youtube channel. It got almost no views and plays, and the world is missing out.

I first heard these two songs from Library CD from the “Muldoon Public Library” in Anchorage Alaska. “Paddy Carty’s” is an amazing song. That’s the best way to explain it. If you are searching for some serious Irish music, try this one out. When I first heard this, the words that came to mind to describe it were “Irish Party Music.”
It sounds like a festive Irish pub or dance hall just going wild.
Energy. Passion. and Celebration.
The opening notes just explode into a wave of creativity.

What is your Party Music?
Have you ever been to an Irish party?
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