Breaking News: White Chocolate is Not Really Chocolate

Breaking News Folks:
Ripped from the Headlines Folks:
On the front page of today's headlines, new studies have revealed that White Chocolate is not actually chocolate. No, I am not shitting you.

From the Article: Is White Chocolate Chocolate?

"It has a few nuances, usually very sweet and does not have such a taste in common. According to experts, it is because white chocolate is not chocolate."It does not contain cocoa solids, only butter," says Diego BadarĂ³, partner owner of the manufacturer AMMA Chocolates. And therein lies the point: the recipe of the white does not contain pulp cocoa solids (chocolate liquor) extracted from cocoa."

Thank you so much for this groundbreaking discovery. I am pretty sure we all had this conversation in elementary school 14 years lie...but thank you all the same.

This website might be called The Useless Critic, but it only makes the job easier when you've got Useless News to support you.

This is the last fucking time I read the newspapers from Portugal.

Source: Assholes.

Did you have this discussion 14 years ago?


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