A video you must see/a request to my other writers!

a.) this deals with nothing else...I am just glad that Cougartown is back on the air. I missed this goofy, bizarre, somewhat trashy TV show. Courtney Cox:  you are doing what Demi Moore never could!

b.) You must watch this video:

Rachel Bloom:  I love you. (the star  another video which is "I Was a Mermaid But Now I'm a Pop Star.")

c.) back before Newsweek started to deep throat deer testicles, they had this awesome feature every year around Oscar time where all the stars would sit around (nominated for awards, that is) and shoot the breeze about films and whatnot. I WAS THINKING THAT WE (Useless Critic folk, namely me and Al and possibly Kurt) could do a similar feature. or anyone else that is interested. instead of stars those, it's us. HAHAHA I FOOLED YOU, DIDN'T I?

it would probably have to be emails bouncing back and forth, though, because I'ma taking care of important things Thursday - Sunday before I leave for Mountain Time.