Twitter Sucks: At its Downfall?

The Original Angry Bird.

#QuestionsIHateAnswering? Who cares?
Hashtags like this are common viewing on everyone’s favorite microblogging website, Twitter. However, where the hell is this website going?

In 2009, I used to state that I was able to get all of my news from Twitter. I could follow celebs and get the latest info on their careers. They also posted corrections when the entertainment media published false information about them, but this went far beyond just celebrity gossip.

Twitter used to have a focus on current events, and it created a user-generated approach to news media. For example, if a major event took place in the USA or around the world, it became a trending topic, and you could find all kinds of viewpoints from the people of USA and the Earth.

It was easy to keep in touch with your friends, your favorite movie stars, and the day-to-day happenings of life.

That was 2009. Now Twitter is just a bunch of “Jersey Shore” wannabes, who try to sound loud and brash, and the trending topics are nothing more than simple word games beginning with hashtags.


And of course the now corporate-infiltrated “Promoted” topics, where businesses can pay to have their product or information trend.

If you have a sudden urge to talk about 5 Dollar Footlongs, than you are in fucking paradise.

By the way @Nina who wrote "#5DollarFootlongs are not five dollars"

I confess that sometimes this wordplay is entertaining or amusing, but there is no substance. It just feels like people are spitting out cheap unfunny comments as fast as they can, so they get noticed by other users in the trends.

I also confess that I follow @Snooki , but she never has anything to say that you couldn’t hear from that annoying bitch who sits in the back of math class and always shouted for no reason. Thank Goodness I dropped out of school ( : P )

However, there are still some things that have not changed since 2009.

The best people to follow are still.
@Michael Ian Black – He’s the Funniest

Ukrainian-Born Porn Star
@Nikki Benz – She makes you feel like she’s your friend

Pop Singer
@ddLovato – She’s the friendliest.

Also, Tyler the Creator
Why? #IDontUnderStand (Suck that you bastard)

Are you still a fan of Twitter?
Who is your favorite person to follow?
Would you like to be one of those people that gets your tweets published in a book?

PS: Even though Twitter is sometimes frustrating, I won't delete. It's part of culture now. Damn that culture.

PPS: Anyone else notice that Twitter is now 2/3 Brazilian Portuguese?
No entendo portugueso.


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