St. Vincent And A Fan; Or Why You Should Just Give In and LOVE HER

St. Vincent has really moved on from being "sort of weird" to "absolutely adorable in an earnest and plucky way" for me. Maybe not plucky; nah plucky is too Katie Couric. Nonetheless, she's really...hmm. Enchanting in a way! And she comes across in an earnest, unpretentious way vein. At least on the internets

Recently, as within the past 24 hours, St. Vincent somehow injured a fan while stagediving. Annie Clark, being a decent person, reached out to this British, resilient fan via Twitter. 

I wish I could show you those tweets; I can't show you those tweets (that being the second time I've typed that today). 

Check them out yourself- they're so cute and like...seriously I just want to have coffee with her someday. DRINK COFFEE WITH ME, ANNIE! 

I'm leaving tomorrow for Arizona. Wish me luck...I am really jaded on these sort of moves, but I'm hoping any potential positive outweighs the negative and I make it through this okay! I'm going to miss Erie; it gave me a bit of my confidence and sense of self back.