The Saddest Song Ever on Violin

Hello Post Valentines Day World.
How was your V D? (heh)

I happened to have encountered this violin arrangement, and it is under the label of Sad Violin. Is this the saddest and most dramatic violin song ever?

Not to be outdone, I will start competitive frivolousness for the most nonsensical reasons, and I will declare that this song, selected from my first “Korean Music Party” is the saddest and most dramatic piece ever composed and played on the violin.


Click Here for the Original Korean Music Party.

What is the best violin piece you know? (any genre),
Have you ever started trouble for no reason?
Is being happy all the time a bad thing?


  1. I had an excellent VD Day thx for asking. actually it was probably my best yet.

    um, saddest on violin? 8.2!


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