New Celeb Stuff: Hottest Milfs are Up

Memories From MILF week.

It's just a week before Valentine's Day, and this time of year sucks.
In fact, it also blows.

However, in talk of something more positive and less gloomy, there is a new CELEB STUFF page updated here at The UC.

The Ten Hottest Mothers I'd Like to Fork countdown has been completed, and we have concluded before the Greeting Card Holiday.

Nader has written MILFs 10-6.
Britt has written MILFs 5-1.

See the full list on our page at the top entitled CELEB STUFF.

That was one exciting week. Things that occurred include...

An Emotional Story on Demi Moore

AJ Cook getting groped.

and Jodie Sweetin even beat METH!


Which of our Hot Moms do you want the most?


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