a long lost poetry post (sort of)

I am not such a Robert Frost fan. I like him, I appreciate him, but yeah. I don't go beyond that, really.

I love Fire and Ice. loooooove it. that has nothing to do with ANYTHING.

But, with another great change in my life brewing, I've had Nothing Gold Can Stay in my head. I mean, I like my place in life right now. I like my job. I like the relationship I'm in.  there are a few things I DEFINITELY despise, but I don't mind being with my family a lot, and I don't mind being able to call my best friend for coffee whenever we need to sulk and bitch. of course, though, these things are shifting.  like the poles.

Ponyboy a la the Outsiders says it better:


one of the things my mother has taught me in life is "you are not allowed to be happy" which is depressing as all hell, but true to a point.