What Men Want?!?

In a follow up to yesterday's mild-mannered trashing of Cosmopolitan, today will focus on a more discreet attempt to convey bizarre messages, including those that come from home furnishing stores.

As it forces upon us: Men must be like coffee...Hot. Strong. Good.

If that's what women want, that's fine.

However, if every coin has two sides, and if every positive can only exist as long as there is a negative....

What do men want?
What must women be like?

Women Must be like Cafe Lattes: Sweet. Hot. Bubbly.

Women Must be like Canning Jars: Useful. Purposeful. Always in the Kitchen.

Women Must be like Megan Fox: Attractive. Wealthy. That's It.

Women Must be like Comic Books: Easy to Read. Never Complicated. Tight Clothing is Somehow Always Involved.

Women Must be like Rubber Bands: Flexible. Brainless. Easily Disposable.