Revisiting the Music of Iceland: Strength and Melody

I am not an expert on the music of Iceland. When it comes to almost any style, even folk genres, I am almost a virtual outsider. Thanks to the magic of suggested searches, the internet allows me to frequently receive Icelandic videos on youtube.

This particular song stood out for many reasons. The melody is strong, and lively is an understatement, so the word vivacious becomes necessary. This was the song that allowed me to search for more and more Icelandic music, and I was able to find qualities that I liked such as the dance-worthy abilities, similarities to the British and Celtic, and the clean vocals.

Although, there are some undeniable resemblances to the music of the British Isles, the Icelandic sounds go down some different paths, such as the deep ancient-style vocal techniques heard at the beginning of this song.

Is Iceland even really part of Scandinavia?
As far as I know, it’s open to debate.
However, when it comes to the Nordic World, that one is pretty straightforward.


  1. Iceland and Finland aren't really part of Scandinavia but DOESN'T MATTER WE ARE AWESOME.

    Best regards,
    A Finnish Person


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