Quick Unknown Facts about Alaska

Alaska when I arrived.

Alaska when I left.

Little Known Facts about Alaska:

Most people tell you to carry a weapon if you leave downtown areas.

If people hate you, they will let you know.

Eskimos often tell you to call them Eskimos...not Inuits.

People hunt sheep.

Reindeer Sausage is everywhere, even in gyros.

Korean is the second language of Anchorage.

There are no polar bears in the streets.

Anchorage AK is 50% Caucasian. 48% Korean and Filipino, 2% Unknown.

Alcoholism is the most popular hobby.

The South side of Anchorage owns.
The North side of Anchorage blows.
The East and West sides are indifferent.

There is a place called Miley Drive.

People from South Sudan frequently pop up.

Eskimos like to spend money and play basketball.

The Midnight Sun is amazing.

They call Alaska "The Great Land" for a reason.

I miss it already.


  1. I'm reading Going Rogue right now because I was gifted it as a joke....she paints Alaska out to be some kind of icebox paradise.

    did you bring the sausage back with you bb?


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