ICELANDIC MUSIC PRIMER or Bjork For Universal President Overlord

Hi there. That's a nice t-shirt you are wearing, or not wearing. Have you been working out? I thought so. 

So, here's the end of our journey. The long and winding road has come to its close. And yet, we're still here, together. but guess what, bitch? I'm letting go of your hand!


what name is first in Icelandic music? or anything really? BJORK. 

I was googling "how to piss off an Eskimo" earlier and I thought of ways to piss off Bjork, as to make that train of thought relevant. 

here are are some methods:
- talk to her about art
- poke her with a stick
- blame her for global warming
- tell her to vote for Ron Paul
- greet her at the airport. be like "welcome to Philadelphia, Bjork!" WHAM

oh, who comes after Bjork? Sigur Ros, obviously. Let's group Jonsi (lead singer) in with that.

so pretty!

I am fortunate enough to share my birthday with the next lady. well and Janet Jackson, but this isn't about her:

Emiliana Torrini! she actually took over for Bjork when Bjork was too prego for the LOTR soundtrack. sucks for Bjork, money in the bank for Emiliana


Leaves are kind of like Sigur Ros.


Ampop are a recent discovery of mine and I QUITE like them.

As are Of Monsters And Men.

what do you think? it's a small group of artists, fitting for a small country. ICELANDDDD:  a volcano formed us. ICELANDDDDDD: we're the size of Kentucky. man, the possibilities of tourism slogans are truly endless here. 

read this if you want to know how to piss off an Eskimo

so that's it! that ends our trip. our cultural expedition. I feel fulfilled. what about you? also, will you pay for me to travel around Scandinavia and sleep with everyone? say yes!

he told me he thinks you are pretty, so he got you this.


  1. "greet her at the airport" LOLOLOLOL

    Iceland fascinates me! Great post Britt! The Icelandic accent (when they speak English) is the cutest by the way. I've watched interviews of Icelandic people on Youtube just to listen to the accent.

  2. The artist only artist I could think of that you neglected to mention:


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