Hottest Milfs: #2 - CARLA BRUNI

First of all, plenty of people talk smack on this David Bowie cover. It's cool, I'm not huge on Bowie, so I don't mind. Remember in the Wedding Singer when Drew Barrymore and Christina Taylor were discussing how sexy David Bowie is? that happened.

So it's probably not amazing but I love her voice and it calms me down after a panic attack. Which is nice.

Anyway, back to looking at her!

One day I want a hot French wife. is it possible? oui!

well, Carla is a relatively new addition to "milf." She just had her daughter in the past year! But she's still smoking and I kind of want to imprint on the kid. yeah that was creepy. 

seriously though...

There are a lot of people that hate Carla Bruni. They are called "ugly."

question:  are any of the Republican candidate wives MILFS? I don't think so :/


  1. No, none of their wives are MILFs.
    Just Huntsman daughter, not the Indian one.

  2. Wait a second, she's not a MILF , she's just hot.


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