Hello Pippa: Are You Still Single?

Images like this are still available at certain newsstands, even though this gossip is old and dried up by now. However, this is a solid question for Pippa Middleton, the sister of the Duchess of Cambridge.

Is the Sister of the Duchess a real royal title?

So if I have to see these types of headlines, I wonder why Pippa has not been listening to me all along. Dear Pippa: If you think you cannot get a date, GET A JOB!
No, I do not mean a real job like party planning or family business. Get a job in entertainment, so your life is not filled with nothingness. Go host "Forensic Files" or become this generation's "Wheel of Fortune" girl, something with longevity.

This is most frustrating thing in the world for me, and I am not even you. Is it not possible for you to record a pop album and use whatever software Rebecca Black did to get famous?

Maybe if you do something with your fame, people will not have to use your personal life as filler in tabloids.

I will give you credit Pippa. You are the one of the few people on Earth that can turn lack of accomplishment into something documentary-worthy and lustful-to-print.

1. You don't work in entertainment...yet you are in all the magazines.
2. You don't do porn (or soft porn), yet England is obsessed with your ass.
3. You are NOT dating anyone, and it is considered Celeb Gossip.

Well, Fuck a Doodle Doo!

Just because you are famous for doing nothing, does not mean you have to do nothing with your fame.

Would you date Pippa?

If yes, Tweet about it.


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